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Lucas de Staël - Stratus 06

Extravaganz aus Paris. Hier das Modell Stratus 06 in echtem Stein (aussen) und Leder (innen)

The Centaure spectacles stand out thanks to their bold lines, massive curves and graphic styling. A stainless steel skeleton is embedded to the leather, granting elasticity and keeping the frame in shape. The spectacles are crafted with crop leather (stiff cow leather mainly used for shoe soles), giving robustness and character to the glasses.

Angebot : Auswahl im Laden, Varianten auf Bestellung
Damen/Herren : Unisex
Material : Titan/Stein
Farbe : Schwarz (Varianten)
Form : Panto
Stil : Extravagant
Etui : Originaletui inkl.
Herkunft (Produktion) : Frankreich

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