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Unser neustes und wohl edelstes Label: “SIRE,to be worn by Noblemen and Gentlewomen”


A Sire was a Gentleman of rank, a Nobleman of certain esteem. He was a man of authority, a Cavalier, a Knight. It was from the 13th century on that Sire was used as a title to address someone of high regard. And as such, a Sire had the ambition to only wear what was of refined quality and unique appearance, whereat he would always find it made by the hands of the best craftsmen.

SIRE we aim to pursue those traditions and cater to them with craftsmanship, sharp designs, and fine materials – to be worn by Noblemen and Gentlewomen.

Design: Aeberhard und Kägi (aekae)

Produktion vollständig in der Schweiz und aus edelstem Horn